Infographic: Vplus - Hit your ultra-broadband targets faster

Vplus is the ideal technology to boost bitrates in Fiber-To-The-Cabinet (FTTC) networks. It offers unmatched throughput, density and cost on intermediate copper loop lengths and full compatibility with existing VDSL2 vectoring means that existing cabinets can be easily upgraded to deliver more bandwidth to more people sooner.

ultrabroadband with vplus

Vplus for cost efficient FTTcabinet

vplus for cost efficient fttcabinet

Easy migration to vplus

easy migration to vplus

Our innovation

  • Vplus out performs VDSL2 vectoring and on 250-550 meter loops
  • Vplus offers up to double VDSL2 (17a) speeds
  • 200 Mbps aggregate out to 500 meters with Vplus
  • 300 Mbps aggregate out to 250 meters with Vplus
  • Vectoring was not possible across VDSL2 17a and 30a
  • Vplus gets along with VDSL2 (17a) in the same cable so you can vector


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