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The Internet of (hacked) Things

The Internet of (hacked) Things

Originally published on TrackTalk [December 2015] With new wireless technologies ready to eliminate the mundane and improve our well-being, life, it seems, is getting easier every day. Already we can adjust a thermostat from our smartphone, allow doctors to monitor patients from hundreds of miles away, record exercise and sleeping patterns from a watch, and even measure our chew rate using a Bluetooth-connected fork.

Don't let unreliable ip routers ruin your airline reputation

Rail Communications: Leave silos behind with 4G LTE

Originally published on TrackTalk [December 2015] With demand for metro services growing as urban populations expand, operators are responding by deploying new technologies to increase network capacity and performance. From communications-based train control (CBTC) to video protection, onboard and station applications, metro operators are successfully extracting more from what they already have.