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Taking 5G to other industries – a view from the top

While much of the industry discussion about 5G focuses on the technology itself – its implementation and performance – less is said about the impact on consumers. While 5G capabilities will undoubtedly transform consumer communications, how will it affect lives in other ways? 

Utility communications benefit from SDN

Just like in many other industries, software-defined networking (SDN) has the potential to change the way utilities run their communications network. Quite simply, SDN gives power utilities a new way to optimize their communications networks, improve operations, and reduce costs.

Leading the way to smarter network planning

The future holds some great opportunities for operators. With early 5G technologies just around the corner, customers are about to experience a whole new world of fast, latency-free access. The demand will be high, with subscribers already valuing internet quality more than voice or messaging quality, according to the latest Acquisition and Retention report from Nokia. And who knows how the world will be changed by the Internet of Things when we have seven trillion connections a day by 2020.